This data privacy statement elucidates to the user the kind, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the responsible provider

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on this website.

The legal basis of data privacy is provided in the data privacy law and in the broadcast media law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Access Data / Server Log Files

GLOBE Precision (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (or its web space provider) collects data about any access to the scope of services (so-called server log files). Such access data comprise:
Name of the website recalled, file name, date and time of recall, data volume transmitted, message of successful recall, browser type and version, the user's operating system, referrer URL, IP address and the provider carrying out the recall.

GLOBE Precision (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. will use the protocol data only for statistical evaluation for the purpose of operation, security and optimization of the offer. GLOBE Precision (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., however, reserves the right of subsequent review of the protocol data, if concrete information give justified reason for a suspicion of illegal use.

Handling of personal data

Personal data is information, which can be used to identify a person, i.e. information that can be traced back to a specific person. Such information comprises the name, the e-mail address or the telephone number, but also data about preferences, hobbies, memberships, or the website a person has viewed.

GLOBE Precision (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. will not collect, use and pass personal data unless this is permitted by law or unless the users give their approval to the collection of data.


Whenever GLOBE Precision (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is contacted (e.g. by using our contact form or by e-mail), the data provided by the user will be saved for the purpose of processing the inquiry as well as for the case that further questions may arise.

Integration of services and contents of third parties:
It may occur that contents of third parties, such as videos from YouTube, maps from Google Maps, maps from Baidu Maps, RSS feeds or diagrams and charts from other websites or integrated into this online offer. This will always require that the providers of such contents (hereinafter referred to as third-party providers) will detect the users' IP addresses. Without the IP address, they will not be able to send the contents to the browser of the individual users. The IP address therefore is required to display these contents. We make big efforts to use only such contents, whose providers will use the IP address only for the delivery of contents. We cannot keep third-party providers, however, from saving the IP address for statistical purposes. We will inform the users if we should detect such action.


Cookies are small data, which enable the saving of specific, device-related information on the users' access devices (PC, smartphone, etc.). They are useful for increasing the user-friendliness of websites and the users thus will benefit from them (e.g. by the saving of log-in data). On the other hand, they are used for the collection of statistical website utilization data as well as for the analysis of service improvement. The users can take effect on the use of cookies. Most browsers include an option to restrict or completely prevent the saving of cookies. The users are informed, however, that the use and, in particular, the comfort of use will be restricted without cookies.

You can manage many online display cookies of enterprises by using the
US website:
or the
EU website:

Revocation, Changes, Corrections and Updating

The user has the right to be given, upon request and free of charge, information about the personal data saved about him. Additionally, the user has the right to have incorrect data corrected and to have his personal data blocked and deleted unless this should be in conflict with any record retention obligation under applicable law.

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